71th AIEST Conference of Ideas 2022 in Cologne (Germany) - Aug. 28 - 31

The conference will only take place if the COVID-19 regulations allow it.

The conference is implemented as a stationary conference, assuming that the presenting participants are present in person. The limited available presentation slots will therefore be allocated with priority to the attendees present. In exceptional cases, and provided that slots are then still available, remote /online presentations can be accepted.

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Why you should attend

Receive feedback on your work in a friendly and critical-constructive atmosphere.
Submit papers at different stages of your work seeking feedback on your plans or your results.
You do not have to waive any (copy) rights whatsoever with regard to the work you submit.
Try to win one of the three potential prices.
Enjoy interesting keynotes and targeted workshops for your needs.
Join the AIEST Research Seminar and get insights for publishing with top international scientific journals.

Stream of Discussion 1: Designing tourism systems for a sustainable future

Stream of Discussion 2: Spaces, places, and sports:  Designing sustainable experiencescapes in destinations

Stream of Discussion 3: AIEST's Advances in Tourism Research: Perspectives of Actors, Institutions and Systems.

Participants from different scientific disciplines and tourism related industries are invited to contribute to the following major sub-streams of discussions:

  • Actors behaviour, focusing on behavioural issues of consumers, management, politicians, etc;
  • Institutional settings, focusing on topics such as entrepreneurship and innovation, cooperation and strategic alliances, ITC and productivity led-growth, structural change in leading tourism relevant industries, etc;
  • Systemic perspective, focusing on topics such as the analysis of the market forces, marketing management of destinations, tourism promotion and policies, management of tourism related resources, sustainable development in tourism, regulation and governance of places, etc.
  • Other, consisting of contributions that cannot be classified as above.

Host: Dr. Kirstin Hallmann, Institute of Sport Economics and Sport Management , German Sport University Cologne, Germany.

Venue: German Sport University Cologne 

AIEST Research Seminar

On 28th August 2022 (from 12am until 5pm) the AIEST Research Seminar will take place. It provides you with insights on how to prepare a paper for publication in top international scientific journals. Present your research endeavour and discuss it with leading academics in the field. 

The seminar is open and free for anyone wishing to attend, provided you attend the AIEST conference. 

Full registration

AIEST member: 700 EUR (June 1 - August 6, 2022)
AIEST non-member: 900 EUR (June 1 - August 6, 2022)

The full conference package includes within the time frame of the conference:

  • Entrance to all working sessions during the whole period of the conference
  • Conference materials
  • Welcome Reception on Sunday
  • Coffee breaks from Monday to Wednesday
  • Lunches from Monday to Wednesday
  • Dinners from Monday to Wednesday 
  • Technical excursion including transportation and activities 

Not included: Accommodation, any other food and beverages, Airport transfer and any other transportation costs (apart the explicitly mentioned), any personal expenses. 

Daily registration

Please note: Daily registration does not allow for holding an oral presentation of your own work.

EUR 350 (June 1 - August 6, 2022)

This price includes:

  • Daily conference pack: entrance to the working session on the particular day
  • Conference materials
  • Coffee break(s) on the particular day
  • Lunch on the particular day

Not included:

  • Dinner, even though it is on the same day selected
  • Technical excursion, even though it is on the same day selected
  • Accommodation
  • Any other food and beverages, apart from the explicitly mentioned
  • Airport transfers and any other transportation costs, apart from the explicitly mentioned
  • Any personal expenses

Additional options

There are additional options for daily registered delegates, accompanying persons and spouses: 

Reception on Sunday€ 50
Dinners€ 50
Technical excursion € 100

Costs payable on the spot.

Dates and deadlines

February 28, 2022
Submission deadline. Please use the
master copy
and submit all contributions to info@aiest.org.

Important: if you are not able to keep that date, send an e-mail containing a short abstract to christian.laesser@unisg.ch; we will then negotiate an extension (which normally can be granted).

April 01, 2022
Final author notification about acceptance of submission(s) and presentation at conference

May 31, 2022
Early bird registration ends

August 06, 2022
Registration ends; onsite registration available

August 28, 2022
Conference begins