Date 2020-03-22
Title Special Issue Adventure Tourism - Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
Abstract Adventure tourism is a niche market gaining importance over time. Nature, Culture and physical activities are important pillars of adventure tourism, as well as risk and uncertainty. Recent research shows a trend from hard and challenging adventure trips to softer forms addressed to a wider audience. Furthermore the social and age structure of adventure tourists has changed over time and adventure tourism attracts now tourists of all ages. The increasing demand offers new opportunities for product development and job opportunities. Even developing countries can profit from this new trend as adventure tourism does not require sophisticated infrastructure. Therefore adventure tourism may contribute to sustainable, ecotourism and regional development. It cherishes nature and may contribute to protect natural environments. This special issue of JORT intends to address all facets of adventure tourism in research articles , research notes or discussion papers covering all related subjects such as recent development, demand and supply, contribution to slow, eco- and/or sustainable tourism, combination with well-being and health, methodological challenges, relevance for developing countries, demographic change, desired experiences, sharing economy, experience economy, spatial requirements for outdoor recreation and adventure tourism. 

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Deadline for submissions (if applicable) 2019-03-06
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