AIEST – Characters and Aims

What is the AIEST?

The AIEST is the oldest international association of scientific and practical experts with particular interest in tourism. It is a unique social network with around 300 members in 49 countries on all continents. This network is devoted to an interdisciplinary approach to serving the needs of research in tourism. It includes an Academic as well as a Practitioner stream that allow an international scientific and practical exchange. The AIEST has contributed much to an objective understanding of the modern phenomenon of tourism, and to the scientific acceptance of studies in this field. Its members help to pinpoint the latest developments and trends in tourism, and to devise farsighted solutions for new problems as they arise.

AIEST Member Benefits

  • An international social network platform for continuous exchange between members
  • Annual conference at reduced fees to discuss and review developments with colleagues all across the globe
  • Channel for/of contacts with other international organisations
  • Channel to get in contact with potential external project partners
  • An opportunity to work on your future career steps and interact with colleagues who can potentially foster your career

How does the AIEST work?

The AIEST above all tries to promote friendly and informal exchange among its members and to support them on their career path. The association operates a social network platform with specific expert groups and holds an annual meeting, at which all important decisions are taken, together with an annual scientific conference to discuss and review developments with colleagues all across the globe.

Furthermore the AIEST supports the activity of scientific institutes of tourism, or other centres of research and education specializing in tourism.

Collaboration with kindered associations