71th AIEST Conference in Cologne August 28 - 31, 2022

Conference Program

  • Stream of discussion: Designing tourism systems for a sustainable future
  • Stream of discussion: Spaces, Places, and Sports: Designing sustainable experiencescapes in destinations
  • Stream of discussion: AIEST's Advances in Tourism Research: Perspectives of Actors, Institutions and Systems

The conference is implemented as a stationary conference, assuming that the presenting participants are present in person. The limited available presentation slots will therefore be allocated with priority to attendees present.  In exceptional cases, and provided that slots are then still available, remote/ online presentations can be accepted.  

AIEST reports: The future of tourism with and potentially after SARS-CoV-2

AIEST has been studying the situation in tourism during and after the pandemic with various reports since April 2020.

Have a look at the latest AIEST consensus on tourism and travel in the SARS-CoV-2 era and beyond.

Have a  look at the reports and click here.

Winners of the awards of the AIEST conference 2021 in Lucerne

The BEST CONTRIBUTION AWARD goes to Kirstin Hallmann and Anita Zehrer for their paper 
"The importance of landscapes and sportscapes for sport experiences in destinations".
Equal runner ups are (all with the same ranks):

  • Petr Stumpf and Petr Janecek for their paper "System dynamics modelling: the decision making support in tourism destination marketing"
  • Rofolfo Baggio and Miriam Scaglione for their paper "Weather conditions in urban destinations - An analysis of visitor flows. The case of the "Geneva City pass".

The PETER KELLER AWARD for the best contribution uniting theory and practice goes to Thomas Steiner for his paper "Web scraping for real estate list prices in Swiss tourism destinations - the advent of citizen brokers?".
1st and 2nd runner ups are (respectively):

  • Sara Dolnicar, Hongwei Li, Bettina Grün, and Marius Portmann for their paper "Gearing up for sustainable tourism: automatic plate waste measurement at all-you-can-eat buffets".
  • Jürg Stettler, Melanie Wyss, and Florian Eggli for their paper "Rigi and Overtourism: A transdisciplinary solution approach".

The AIEST PHD AWARD for the best PhD candidate contribution goes to Adrian Müller and Andreas Wittmer for their paper "The end of international business air travel? Pandemics, climate change, and the need to meet".
1st and 2nd runner ups are (respectively):

  • Florian Gasser for his paper "The role of social media influencers in tourism research: A derivation of a processual model of influencing, influencer characteristics, and research operationalisations".
  • Pascal Troxler, Marcus Roller, and Monica Bandi Tanner for their paper "The effects of weather forecasts on skier demand".

Winners of the awards of the AIEST conference 2019 in Varna, Bulgaria


The BEST CONTRIBUTION AWARD goes to Sara Dolnicar, Emil Juvan, Bettina Grün for their paper “Reducing plate waste at hotel buffets”.
First runner up for the Best Contribution Award is Yasuo Ohe for his paper “Issues of farmer’s identity and efficiency of tourism-oriented diversification: revised from a perspective of behavioral economics”.

The PETER KELLER AWARD for the best contribution uniting theory and practice goes to Lidija Lalicic, Irem Önder, Ko Koens, Jessika Weber for their paper “Serious gaming: an Innovative method to engage stakeholders with sustainable tourism planning”.
First runner up for the Peter Keller Award is Jana Kučerová and Tomáš Gajdošík for their paper “Reengineering of local destination management organizations in Slovakia”.

The PHD AWARD for the best PhD candidate contribution goes to Annika Aebli for her paper “The role of gamified technology in the tourist experience”.
First runner up for the PhD Award was Sebastian Speer for his paper “Entrepreneurship as a catalyst for sustainability-oriented business models in tourism”.

First Tourism Science Slam at ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin together with the AIEST (International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism) and the DGT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismuswissenschaft) has offered the first Tourism Science Slam.
This Slam vividly conveys research results on air travel, hotel accommodation and beach holidays. Science Slams are easy to understand, very instructive, highly entertaining and they get to the point very quickly.


New Book: The Economics of Tourism Destinations. Theory and Practice, 3th ed. Routledge.

Norbert Vanhove's book provides a succinct guide to the economic aspects of tourism for students and practitioners alike to decipher the methods of measurement of supply, demand, trends and impacts. Each chapter combines theory and practice and is integrated with international case studies. Combining macro and micro aspects of economics to the tourism destination, this is an invaluable resource for students learning about this subject and it is also aimed at tourism researchers and policy makers.

Have a look at the flyer.

New Book: Changing Paradigms in Sustainable Mountain Tourism Research

Environmental, social and economic sustainability is an important topic of today’s decision makers in tourism. This book, edited by Harald Pechlaner, Peter Keller, Sabine Pichler and Klaus Weiermair, provides profound insights into current concepts and challenges of sustainable tourism development – with particular regard to mountain destinations worldwide.

Have a look at the new book.


New Challenges for Tourism Promotion
«Tackling High Competition and Multimedia Changes», Euro 29.95