Application for AIEST Associate Membership

According to By-laws Art. 4 and Art. 6

Article 4

An organization may be admitted as an associate member with consultative voice, if it is an organisation or institution which is interested in or committed to the objectives of the AIEST.

Each associate member, or body, is entitled to send participants to the Association's annual conference, provided that their representation does not exceed a maximum of three delegates.

Article 6, Membership of the categories set out in Article 4 expires:

  • on resignation, which must be notified in writing to the President, with a minimum of three months' notice to expire at the end of a calendar year. The subscription for the year, in which the resignation is tendered, is due in full
  • on death (for individual members)
  • on exclusion from membership, which in case of an individual and an associate member may be made by the Committee.

Members who have resigned or who have been excluded from membership have no claims of any kind on the Association.

Associate Membership

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