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Lecturer Name Professor Dr Andreas Papatheodorou
Lecturer Title The Airline - Airport - Tourism Destination Authority Relationship: An Eternal Business Triangle?
Short Abstract The liberalisation of air transport markets in Europe means that airlines have greater freedom to choose where they fly to and from, and generally set fares, frequencies, capacities and routes according to commercial considerations. This has provided opportunities for airports to grow and expand their services and for tourism destination authorities to successfully promote their places to a wider audience. Nonetheless, it has also meant that airports are exposed to a greater degree of risk from changes that airlines may make to the services that they provide. Likewise, tourism destination authorities may end up trapped into providing direct and/or indirect subsidies to airlines and airports that are deemed as illegal e.g. by the European Commission due to competition distortion or prove to be of limited added value. The presentation will highlight all the above issues to conclude that subject to legal constraints, such a triangular relationship may become a ‘triple win’ by taking the shape of a long term trilateral agreement; a marketing agreement, which also involves structural changes in airport charges; and the emergence of investment hostages, which may even lead to vertical governance.
Keywords airlines, airports, tourism destination authorities, stakeholder collaboration
Contact person Andreas Papatheodorou
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