Visit Bolzano-Bozen

The Italian city of Bolzano-Bozen offers a unique cultural mix between the Alpine and the Mediterranean lifestyle. This can not only be seen through the different architectural styles and the rich history of art that characterise the city, but also the mix of languages that are spoken there. Further, the city is known for its cuisine with its combination of Tyrolean dishes and Mediterranean flavours. Several museums and castles can be visited, among them the archaeological museum that exhibits Ötzi the Iceman, one of the oldest preserved mummies in the world.
Historically Bolzano-Bozen was a vivid trade fair between the North and the South, a tradition that is kept alive these days through an abundant calendar of events and happenings that make the city attractive all year around. Bolzano is also the gateway city to the mountains of the Dolomites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and that attract millions of visitors all year long. Several cable cars make the surrounding mountains easily accessible.

How to get to Bolzano